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Seattle Hot Air Balloons

Journey into the purest compound of thrill and meditation with Seattle Hot Air Balloons on your very first balloon ride. Our professional captains carry you to new heights for an airborne adventure that is unrivaled. We are one hundred percent dedicated to anticipating and seeing to your every desire while giving you with the experience of a lifetime!

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Balloon Rides in Seattle

Seattle Hot Air Ballooning

There's no better way to be inducted into the realm of flight than with an enchanting hot air balloon ride. The beauty of the Seattle scenery appears unparalleled when seen from 2,000 feet above the Earth. Your trip at the highest point of elevation will take roughly an hour. We have an immense range of features that will serve to remind you of your amazing ballooning experience. Feel the purest form of thrill with the help of our seasoned team who dedicate themselves to offering an unequaled experience.

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Seattle Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Hot Air Balloon Gift Certificates

The flight of the balloon, and the rudimentary components of its control, supply an unaltered harmony between amusement and tranquility. Our completely transferable certificates create long-term moments of an incredible experience. Certificates of flight are redeemable through our wide-ranging complex of participating establishments throughout the United States.

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Seattle Balloon Festivals

Seattle Balloon Celebrations

Experience the one-of-a-kind view of dozens of technicolor balloons rising toward the skies when you attend the Seattle Balloon Festival. No matter if you're inclined towards just enjoying the amazing view or taking a flight of your own, we can make your untamed balloon dreams come true.

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Seattle Corporate Balloon Advertising

Seattle Balloon Advertising and Marketing

The trick to advertising is to affiliate your company with something memorable and exciting. Taking advantage of the publicity from ballooning promotions will absolutely get tongues wagging. Whether you opt for the fly past approach or have your branding featured on the side of an anchored balloon, you'll experience an uplift in revenue due to the increased exposure.

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We are devoted to giving you the best in ballooning recreation and safety at Seattle Hot Air Balloons. We employ experienced pilots who are exhaustively practiced to deliver an individualized experience tailored to your distinct needs. To come to be a certified balloon captain, pilots must effectively complete a comprehensive and rigorous training program including 16 hours of flight time and a plethora of other requirements. This being the minimum required, meaning, in the general sense, pilots must accomplish many hours worth of flight flawlessly before being regarded a safe and useful balloon pilot. Take your hobbyist mentality to the next degree with the ultimate adventure of a balloon flight over Seattle's stunning scenery without having to worry about your safety. Rest assured that if you choose to balloon with us, your safety and security remain in good hands.

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