Team Building

At Seattle Hot Air Balloons we've designed a team building activity that makes certain to inspire your employees to new heights quite literally. Moreover, this interesting and new experience is expected to create a tight knit work environment. Unlike various other conventional activities indicated to promote team effectiveness that are stagnate and dull, our program renders it possible for team members to proactively prepare, implement, and complete a triumphant Hot Air Balloon Flight and touchdown, thereby engaging them in every sense.


Members will go through a pre-flight meeting before progressing onto the early stages of the process, consisting of being split into modest teams of 2 or 4. Our exhaustively trained pilots will instruct the team mutually on weather conditions, location and how to operate the balloon. Teams may then be asked to use a map to approximate a touchdown spot based on the standards provided to them previously.

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An aviator will be by their side at all times to facilitate with precise control of the balloon and the elevation you will fly at. He will aid the team in carrying out the numerous tasks necessary to pump up the balloon and any additional safety checks just before takeoff. Inflation of the balloon typically takes no more than fifteen minutes. Now we release the balloon!


During flight the team will get the opportunity to learn a little bit about how the balloon is maneuvered, and how flight altitude is ascertained using wind speed and weather conditions. Based on their navigation skills with the map and the information given during the course of preflight, the group should also be able to tell the captain how high to fly and where to go in order to reach their destination for touchdown.


Their flight will conclude with an effective touchdown on their pre-selected landing spot to complete their team building, one hour hot air balloon trip. Team members will aid the captain in packing the balloon. Each aviator is different, but typically a pilot will commemorate the adventure with some form of amenity ranging from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. This would be the right time for small talk among team members to help strengthen their connection through remembering the flight.

Team Building

Team building exercises function as an effective method to enhance a team's problem solving and creativity capabilities. We believe the process of planning for and partaking in a hot air balloon journey that ends in a successful landing is an excellent chance for personnel to implement all the principles meant to be reinforced in the course of team building. However, let's never fail to remember the beauty and serenity that ballooning supplies and how experiencing such sensation in the company of our colleagues is a strengthening journey in and of itself.

Our Team Building packages can possibly be completely individualized to suit your team, call us at 1-888-994-9275 to reinforce your business enterprise right away!

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